Welcome to the Vail Community Action Board Webpage


2014 if off with a roar!  VCAB continues to be a positive force in the greater Vail area.

In 2006, the Vail Community Action Board (VCAB) was formed as a part of a $4 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education to the Vail Unified School District. VCAB was a required component of the grant. When the grant finished, VCAB voted to continue as a volunteer organization advocating for the greater Vail area.

In 2010, VCAB undertook a project called “Vail Vision”. Thirty-three members of the Vail community gathered to put in writing what is most valued about Vail. The findings were published in a simple two-page document called “Vail, AZ – Preserving our History, Nature, and Community”.

In April 2011, VCAB followed with a project called “A Voice for Vail”. This effort evaluated five potential legal structures to see which one would best help Vail preserve its heritage. In a town hall and other meetings the feedback from the Vail community was two-fold: First, there was almost no support to become annexed by Tucson. Second, while incorporation had the highest number of votes, there were many people that liked the rural nature of Vail and did not want another layer of government.

In October 2011, VCAB formed an exploratory committee called “Vision Quest” to learn more about incorporation. It was to answer questions such as “How much would it cost?” and “Is it feasible?”. As this exploratory committee looked into these questions, they became convinced that an incorporated Vail would best help Vail preserve its heritage. Since VCAB at that time was legally a neutral organization, it could not be a part of any effort to incorporate. The exploratory subcommittee left VCAB and become the stand-alone organization, “Citizens for Vail”. They were the driving force behind Proposition 403 last November.

In November, 2013, the voters of Vail rejected Proposition 403. Afterwards VCAB studied the election results and made several findings. First, “Citizens for Vail” failed to provide timely and accurate information which left many voters unclear about the initiative. Second, the opposition group brought up many reasoned objections and confirmed that the Vail community has a large number of people who like things as they are. And finally, the VCAB should continue to be a strong voice for Vail.

VCAB has been working for over eight years for the greater Vail Community. It has developed partnerships and working relationships with the UA Tech Park, Pima Community College, the Vail School District, the YMCA, Vail Education Foundation, Greater Vail Chamber of Commerce, Vail Preservation Society, Pima County District 4, Colossal Cave Mountain Park, Tucson Ward 4, United Way, Impact of Southern Arizona Vail Theater of the Arts, and the greater Vail HOAs. Representatives of many of these are currently seated on its board.

For further information please visit us at www.vailcab.org, call David Hook, president, at 879-3916 or email president@vailcab.org.